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Salem County Christian Academy Defenders News & Events

Whether recreational or competitive in nature, Salem County Christian Academy’s athletics programs are geared to facilitate physical growth and complement a well-rounded Christian education. To that end, Salem County Christian Academy offers a wide range of sports programs at the High School and Middle School levels. Beginning in 6th grade, our students can choose from basketball, golf, soccer, and volleyball.

Salem County Christian Academy is committed to the value of a well-rounded Christian education. Physical development and growth is one of the key elements that enable us to meet that goal.

We encourage all of our students to participate in athletics through which they can glorify the Lord on the athletic fields and courts with their God-given abilities and gifts, build Christian Character, learn new skills, bond with classmates and learn healthy habits that can last them a lifetime.

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Athletics help educate our children to care for and respect their bodies and the importance of achieving and maintaining good health, while teaching the valuable lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship, friendly competition and leadership.

Salem County Christian Academy currently offers girls volleyball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball and boys golf to our sixth through 12th grade students. The students compete with other area schools. We are actively involved in the Salem County Rural League with both boys and girls teams from grades from 3rd through 8th.

Salem County Christian Academy Athletics participate in GSACS and M.E.R.C.S. tournaments throughout the year, along with other invitational events for a variety of teams.

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