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The Music Department

Why Salem County Christian Academy Teaches Music!


As educators at Salem County Christian Academy it is always our goal to teach the whole student. Music is so much a part of our expression of emotion and worship, and is so ingrained in our society that we believe any education must include at the very least an elementary understanding of music’s history, relevance and effect on each individual’s experience. From the earliest of days, great men of the faith like David, as a shepherd and a king, utilized music in love and worship of the one true and living God. Much of what David wrote (the Psalms) has become the hymns and spiritual songs we listen to and sing today. Your child will find their expression in music! Will that expression be informed by a biblical worldview or by the world itself? It is our prayer that each child will learn and experience the joy of music, to perform it with excellence and to edify the body of Christ and ultimately, to glorify their Creator. That is the aim of the SCC Academy Music program.

It is the desire of the Academy to help each child search out and perfect any gift endowed to them by their Creator, whether that be vocal or instrumental. This is accomplished through music classes, choir, band, private and group lessons, and special programs. We also participate in Academy-sponsored programs and Fine Arts competitions throughout the year.

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