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Salem County Christian Academy makes a Christian education affordable with more than $300,000.00 in annual financial assistant grants, scholarships and designated awards for qualified and mission appropriate families. 


  •   Multiple student discount for SCCA families.

  •   100 - $1,000 Shepherd scholarships from supporting churches (see your Pastor for details)

  •   100 – $500.00 scholarships for students in the areas of academic achievement, fine arts, drama, music, technology and                     community service. 

  •     25 - $1,000 scholarships from Alumni, local businesses and faithful SCCA supporters.

  •   100 - $1,000 grants for economically disadvantaged families.


Please be sure to complete our online FACTS financial aid assessment for eligibility.  Deadline for financial aid applications in July 15, 2020 and funds are limited.  Financial assistance is capped at a maximum of 35% for total tuition costs.  Contact our business office for more details.

Financial aid awards will be distributed in 10 or 12 equal installments and students and families must meet expected behavior, academic commitment and volunteer responsibilities to qualify.  Any students or families not fulfilling those commitments will lose or have their funds reduced. 


VIP (VOLUNTEER INCENTIVE PROGRAM)  please see application for details


  • REQUIRES:  40 hours of volunteer service ($500 per student - $1,000 maximum grant per family) during the 2020/2021 School year in pre-approved areas of need in programs, projects or activities.​


  • I do not plan to be involved in the VIP as a volunteer and I do not expect to receive the $500.00/$1,000.00 grant per student/family.

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