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Why Choose Salem County Christian Academy?

A Rich Heritage of Distinctive Christian Education


SCCA is the best opportunity for your child to be prepared for life and career.  Founded in 1978, Salem County Christian Academy has been continually providing an outstanding Christ-centered education to thousands of students for more than 42 years.  As an independent and non-denominational Christian school , SCCA is supported by numerous local churches, businesses, parents & alumni.  Our graduates have gone on to success in both college and careers, and our SCCA Alumni group includes Ministers, Engineers, Healthcare professionals, Business Owners and Educators.  Let SCCA launch your child's future on a solid foundation of academic rigor with a solid Biblical worldview.

Is SCCA affordable for families?


Absolutely!  SCCA strives to be an affordable option for your child to be prepared for life and career.  We have created many unique ways to make tuition affordable for every family that wants to attend Salem County Christian Academy.  There are more than 350 grants, scholarships and financial aid awards available to families based on financial need, academic excellence and numerous other opportunities.  These financial aid programs are supported by numerous fundraising programs, volunteer work, donations from individuals, churches and businesses and our A2Z Thrift Store here in Pennsville.  Strategic awards will be given through SCCA Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).  Contact us today to start your financial aid process, funds are limited and will be awarded on a first come first served basis.  

What is Our Educational Philosophy at SCCA? 


At SCCA we believe in creating a strong partnership with our parents to fulfill our common mission of preparing our children for college, career and the Kingdom of God.  By providing an excellent academic curriculum, offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and assembling a caring, culturally diverse community, we will empower students to develop their gifts within the context of a Biblical Christian worldview so that they can act as Christ’s transforming agents in a global society.

What Curriculum and Extra Curricular activities are available at SCCA? 

Across the academic spectrum from gifted to challenged, Salem County Christian Academy focuses on a learning appropriate approach for each of our students by creating our own unique curriculum map. Our teacher's utilize textbooks and resources from numerous Christian publishers (BJU Press, Purposeful Design, and Abeka to name a few) as well as unique programs developed by our loving and experienced staff.  SCCA has a well qualified and experienced staff that works hard to meet and exceed every expectation for the state of New Jersey in every class.  Through our strategic partnerships with many local, state and national colleges and universities, high school students can take advantage of more than 65 dual enrollment options and save thousands of dollars in college tuition.

In addition to our strong academic program, Salem County Christian Academy offers a multitude of student support service, outreach opportunities, a fine arts program which promotes creative expression and a vibrant athletic program. Nearly all of our high school students participate in sports, community service or extra curricular activities. Salem County Christian Academy goal is to provide our students with a nurturing community where they are academically challenged, but enjoy a balanced academic workload with a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Which are the SCCA Micro Academies designed for? 

New to Salem County Christian Academy this year are 4 unique Micro Academies to help give our students (grades 7th-12th) opportunities for practical "Classroom to Career" experiences.  These 4 Micro Academies focus on a hands on learning experience in Technology and Programming, Business and Leadership, Agriculture and Horticulture, and Performing Fine Arts.  Each of these programs are simple, self paced and designed to give students practical experiences while they earn both valuable certifications and real life work experiences.  Students in these Micro Academies will earn the knowledge and experience that will give them a tremendous advantage through SCCA'S "Classroom to Career".  Space is limited to contact the school office today for details.

How does the SCCA Chromebook and Google Classroom work? 

Salem County Christian Academy is leading the way in 21st Century technology with our PK3-12th Chromebook/Chrome Tablet commitment.  Each student is issued their very own Chromebook (4th-12th) and Chrome Tablets (PK3-3rd) to access our online learning portal.  This portal gives access to our Google Classroom, online videos and thousands of other resources to help our students learn and grow.  We connect with numerous online education systems that are strategically integrated  into our portal for a comprehensive and interesting opportunity to work at a student's own pace and interests.  Our numerous dual enrollment courses for grades 9-12 allow students to earn as much as 44 credits for college WHILE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL.

Homeschooling families and Salem County Christian Academy have create a unique relationship that supports the families interests and independence while offering much needed support for when and where they need it.  We strive to provide students with a nurturing school community that is academically challenging from a Christian perspective, while supporting the family's personal schedule and commitments.  

What are the Demographics of the Salem County Christian Academy Student Body? 

Our students come from over 14 local communities and 22 different Christian churches. Our student body reflects the social and economic demographics of the communities we serve, and we are committed to meeting the needs of all children residing in Salem County and beyond. Academically, over 90% of our high school graduates attend schools of higher learning.  With more than $250,000.00 in financial aid and scholarships, many mission appropriate families can afford an excellent Christian education at SCCA.

Do You Offer Transportation? 


As of now, Salem County Christian Academy does not provide transportation. However, there is an agreement between Carney’s Point/Penns Grove public schools to bus students residing within their service area to our school. If you reside in Carney’s Point, you may be eligible for this service. Students from other districts, with the exception of Salem City residents, may be eligible to receive reimbursements in lieu of transportation from their local school district. Students must apply for, and be approved by their local district, for busing reimbursement.

How Do I Schedule a Parent Tour? 

We would be happy to schedule a personal tour for you! Please call the SCCA office to schedule a tour of our campus at 856-678-9464.

Do You Offer Student Visits and Shadowing days? 


Yes! The best way to discover the benefits of a Salem County Christian Academy education is for your family to experience it first-hand. Students applying to grades 5-12 are encouraged to spend a full-day with a student host attending classes and participating in the many exciting activities that occur during a typical school day. Students in the lower grades are encouraged to spend ½ day. Please call the office to request a student visit.

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